What Happened at Popular Woodworking?

WoodwerksOver the last few years years, it has become obvious that the values we have for the craft of woodworking, creating and marketing content, and relations with the audience are not shared by the management of Popular Woodworking Magazine and its parent company. When you realize that the boat you’re on isn’t ever going to sail in the direction you want to go, it’s  best to get off. And, as when any relationship comes to an end, the public discussion of the details serves no purpose.

On behalf of myself, Chuck Bender and Bob Lang:

There is enough spin and speculation online regarding our departure to warrant a response. To clarify, we resigned our positions as a team and going forward we will be working  as a team – together. Our decision to leave was not a hasty one, it came after a year and a half of discussing our concerns regarding the brand’s editorial direction and marketing policies with management at all levels of the company. The “restructuring” occurred several months ago, after the departure of Kevin Ireland. While that was a factor, it was not the sole cause.

We have been invited to submit contributions in the future, but none of us has accepted that invitation.

We want to thank each and every one of our readers who have taken the time to express their appreciation for our work. We have decided to move on, and we hope that those who enjoy our work will find the next phase of our careers as interesting and exciting as we do.

We can be found online at 360woodworking.com , and when you visit the site, you’ll have a front row seat as our plans unfold.”

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17 responses to “What Happened at Popular Woodworking?

  1. theindigowoodworker

    Thanks for clearing things up. Best of luck in the future and I’m looking forward to see what’s in store.

  2. Joe K

    Wow, I will miss your really nice projects. Sure hope that you find something soon. Good luck.

  3. Give them HELL they are sinking the ship.

  4. John

    And I just renewed my subscription . Jeepers

  5. Bill thompson

    Best thing to happen to woodworking in a long time. Three of the best together with no corporate pencil pusher telling you what to do. There are a lot of woodworking really looking forward towards your launch of 360.
    You have great support behind you. This is going to be fun.

  6. All you have to do is find a Publisher, someone to Sell Advertising, someone to put the whole issue together, and a few more contributors…

    A lot of work… but can be done… If y’all have the Will, you will find the Way, I’m sure.

    Just curious… was the Main issue how to spell Molding vs Moulding? 🙂
    What were some of the Major issues that made y’all make the decision to leave? They obviously did NOT want to do what Y’all wanted.

    Thank you for keeping us all informed.


  7. Good luck on your new adventure. With the three of you working together as a team I am sure it will be an awesome adventure.

  8. daveyatinxwebdotcom

    You’re the three writers I look forward to reading the most at Popular Woodworking. Like many others, I have been feeling a drop in quality over the past year or so at that magazine, and was considering not renewing. This settles that. I follow the writers, not the publishers.

  9. Jim k

    I wish you well in your new venture. I’ll be following along.

  10. Guy

    Is there any significance to the three of you in the picture in front of the Wood Werks Supply store in Columbus? A business connection perhaps? It would be great to have you local.

    • Guy,
      There’s nothing significant about us being at Woodwerks. This past weekend they had a nice event going on, so we decided to take a look. It was great talking with Todd Damon and Dave Campagna. I must say that some of the new machines coming from Axiom Tool Group and Steel City are going to turn a few heads. Plus, ideas that they are contemplating are way cool.

  11. Here’s to passion, and having the courage to follow your dreams!

    All the best,


  12. John Verreault

    I agree with “grandacurmudgeon”, it is a damned shame. However, I am glad you three gents have teamed up in some way or other. Whatever the future holds for 360woodworking.com, I will be following your web-based musings and supporting your efforts with book & media purchases but as directly from you as I can (Bob, I’ve been doing that with you for some time). I wish each of you the best of luck.

    — John

  13. Elmer Kreisel

    Good luck to you guys, Elmer kreisel

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