The End! & The Beginning

I think the photo below says it all.



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11 responses to “The End! & The Beginning

  1. Eric R

    Just wait !
    They haven’t seen nothing yet !
    Go 360_Woodworking !

  2. The new woodworker has arrived. ..

  3. Who is “they”?

    Don’t give up… Keep the ole brains working…

  4. Bill thompson

    I’ll bet the three of you have been kicked out of better places before

  5. Get it up and running Guys……can’t wait to see.

  6. Oscar O

    I wish you the best and look forward to what you guys will be offering in the future; I’ve always enjoyed your articles. Having said that, I find the tweet off putting. You have posted everywhere -including on you own employer’s editor blog!- your opinions on why you were leaving and the flawed direction the magazine was taking. More seriously, in that same post, you advertised your brand new website to the readers, a website that obviously is going to be competition to PWW (as your tweet clearly states). All this while you were still and employee? (unless I am wrong, I read your last day was going to be Oct 15). What did you expect was going to happen? As a current employee, all of you had potentially a way to get your hands on all the members and advertisers info, as well as all the content and intellectual property. I am sure you would never do that, but your employer would be grossly negligent if they were to trust you under those circumstances. You left them no choice but to escort you out immediately! So “strike up one more for the man”, is disingenuous at best. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were treated unfairly and were fed up with was going on. You probably have a right to be mad. But two wrongs don’t make a right.

  7. Dave

    Oscar O, after reading your post I’m trying to figure out how this all works. I see/read blog, tweets, FB postings all the time of the editor of PWW saying she’s doing this or that for Lost Art Press (you know a woodworking book publisher). In addition, that same editor looks to promote LAP anytime she can & lets other do it as well. How is that not direct competition?

    At that point you may need to ask if she “got her hands” on that same stuff & gave it LAP? (I’m not accusing I’m just saying.)

    Also if I remember the timeline correctly, they never announced to anyone what 360 was going to do until AFTER they were escorted out.

    So if F&W was worried about competition shouldn’t they have canned one more person?

    • Oscar O

      If they were escorted out and terminated before they posted on the blogs about 360, then I stand corrected about my criticism regarding their post. Although I still maintain that the second the company learns (by any venue) that they will be competition, then, the responsible step is to escort them out immediately. Regarding the coziness between LAP and the PWW editor, that’s for F+W to decide, and certainly I am not disagreeing with you regarding that; your point is very valid. It might or might not be warranted, depending on how it was presented (if at all) to F+W (personally, I think the business risk is certainly there). But as I said, although they might have every right to be mad, two wrongs (assuming they posted and linked before being terminated), don’t make a right.

      I have no sides to take here; and certainly not looking to defend F+W. I am subscriber of PWW, I have bought Glenn’s books, I have bought LAP’s books, I also subscribe to FWW, Wood, and I have bought content from many other providers, and patronized online sites. I am avid consumer of woodworking content; digital and in print. I don’t care where it comes from, as long as it’s of use to me. I was just commenting on something that I found off-putting. But I realize that I don’t have all the facts, and hope my critique didn’t come up as a gratuitous jab.

  8. Art S.

    I have been a long time subscriber to many woodworking rags for the past 25 years while over the past couple years I have dropped one subscription after another until just FWW and PWW were left. I admit that I am now on the fence as to whether I will continue with my subscription with PWW into the future.
    I have anjoyed the writing personalities and skills of most of the people at PWW. Especially the three who are now embroiled in this unfortunate situation. It was their teaching of “why” it should be done like so, not just “do it like this with out explanation” that has kept me as a loyal subscriber. I do also enjoy reading other contributors and FWW filled that requirement for me.
    To me reading the works of these three gents month after month at PWW allowed me to become very comfortable with their writing styles and even with their thinking to some extent. These were my permanant teachers and I learn better and enjoy it more when I have the same teachers over and over. A substitue teacher peaks my interest at times but I know they are here today and gone tomorrow. I enjoy continuity, familiarity, and substantance and these three fellows filled that requirement for me.
    I will be following them on their new journey and certainly wish them well and much success.
    I will also watch PWW with guarded interest although I sense that PWW may become a smaller version of FWW which then results in nothing new to the market.

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