Youtube Lessons Learned

ScreenCapI’ve often wrote and always say that woodworkers are visual. I, and I’m betting that you do too, learn much more watching a short video clip than reading paragraphs of text. That’s the reason why, by the way, that, which is very, very, very close to opening its doors (and I promise that is the only time you’ll see me use very in a sentence that many times) is stocking up on video content.

While setting up and arranging the video clips for a free online woodworking course we’ll release in the next few days (hope, hope), I discovered two important things. I discovered that I’m in serious need of upgrading my Internet speed, and that I could adjust the quality of the videos in the Youtube-provided players. You may have known this, but it’s new to me. (Remember, it was only a short time ago that I discovered the meaning of Lmao.)

If you didn’t already know that you could adjust the player quality, it’s quite simple. ScreenCap copy360WoodWorking is loading most of its new video at 1080p, but the players, when I open and hit play, show the clips at 360p. It’s amazing how much better video looks shown at the higher resolution, so I’m making the change whenever I can.

To adjust the quality, click the cog-like symbol in the lower right-hand corner to open up the choices – Real tech sounding, huh? – then select the quality you’d like to watch and sit back while the player makes the changes. As I said, it’s easy.

And if you have not yet signed up to be notified when goes live, head over to the address and do so. It’s getting very, very close. (That’s one less “very” than I used above.)

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2 responses to “Youtube Lessons Learned

  1. Joe K

    Not being a computer genius, or being close to one, what is Lmao? And what does it do? Thanks for the picture so I can figure out the cog symbol.

  2. Charles Mullins

    Lmao is an abbreviation for “Laughing my A** off”.

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