360WoodWorking is Now Open

360_HomepageIf you have not yet heard, we, Bob Lang, Chuck Bender and I, have opened the doors on our new site.

At this time there is a sample presentation, downloadable PDF, online course and full-length video of the project that is free to read and watch. In the coming weeks, we will be adding content almost every day. The new content will be free podcasts, presentations, plans and more.

From today forward, my blog will be posted at the new site. Sometime around December 15th, we will post our first full presentation, which is also free to everyone.

Please bookmark 360Woodworking.com, and check back often. we hope that you’ll find the information worthwhile and choose to subscribe, if you haven’t done so already.

Thank you, and Build Something Great!



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3 responses to “360WoodWorking is Now Open

  1. Michael Fullerton

    Hi Glen just discovered 360 while looking for plans for the Massachusetts Block-Front Chest. I recently purchased a copy of your fine book, Building 18th- Century American Furniture. While reading step 1 on page 56 I realized that I need the full size plans. I sure would like to purchase a set if they are available. Thank you and I wish you all the best with your new endeavor. Michael J Fullerton

    • Michael,

      The book in which the block-front first appeared had an included DVD with the plans already loaded. When Popular Woodworking Books decided to release the book you have, the plans were left out. If you would have further explored the website, you would have discovered that I have the plans there for easy download. Go to the “Online Extras” page. Half way down the page you’ll find the plans you’re looking for.

      Build Something Great!

  2. Michael Fullerton

    Glen thanks so much. I apolagize for my slow response. I am new at the email stuff.I am looking forward to download ing the partial plans. Thanks again Michael J Fullerton

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