Finish Ready

IMG_1511This is a day long coming. My Egerton tall clocks are ready to begin the finishing process; I’ve completed the work and sanded each clock to #180 grit. As you may have guessed, there is no dye or stain going on the clocks – that would mask the contrast between the mahogany and the inlay. Step one is an application of boiled linseed oil which should produce an unbelievable look.

There is a lot of real estate on these clocks, so brushing on the oil may take some time. (I’ve never sprayed boiled linseed oil, but there is always a first time.) It’s after the coat of oil when I see how the clock should look when finished. Of course, with shellac, even clear shellac, things will get a slightly darker.

You may have noticed that the reeded columns are not attached to the hoods. This is on purpose. Columns fit to the hood in the brass capitals. If I had attached the columns, all my finished would have been over the brass – not a good idea. Each column will be finished independently, and installed afterward. Same with the glass in the hood doors.

The crowning touch are the brass finials that fit at each front hood corner, as well as the center of the hood between the carved rosettes and above the inlaid nightcap.

I’ll share a photo of the clocks when the finish is complete.

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16 responses to “Finish Ready

  1. Larry

    After applying the boiled linseed oil, will you be using waxed or dewaxed shellac?

    • Larry,
      I find this question interesting because I’ve only had one time in 20 years when waxed shellac caused me a problem. That had to do with a pre-cat lacquer bond over the shellac.

      I don’t worry about waxed or dewaxed with shellac. Admittedly, I seldom use deep, dark shellac that is wax heavy, but I do use regular shellac that is not termed dewaxed.

      I’m more concerned with the color of the shellac and how it affects the overall appearance. As a result, I would generally use an orange shellac to get the color I want (it warms mahogany, walnut and cherry), then switch to clear shellac to finish the layering process. Afterward, I can abrade the surface using #0000 steel wool, or I can sand to scoff the surface and spray a coat of dull-rubbed effect lacquer. I’m not sure which I’ll do at this time.


  2. John Weber

    As always fantastic

  3. Greg Jones

    Looks amazing Glen! I must confess that while I have been following the progress of this project, I missed the fact that you were building a matched pair. Looking forward to seeing them after finished.

  4. a49model

    Excellent, they fit right in with “Build something great”.

  5. Charles Wilson


    For some reason, your message wouldn’t display on my iPad. It displays fine on the PC. Did you do anything differently this time?



  6. Charlie Lenz

    Impressive craftsmanship.

  7. JeremyLP

    Wow… I’m really excited to see the final results.

  8. Bill thompson

    Glen I sure hope you are making a video of your clock
    I would love to make one. Are you thinking of a class?

  9. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Beautiful!

  10. Charles Wilson

    Additional info..

    I recently updated iPad to version 7.1 of iOS. I can still read older messages from Woodworker’s Edge, and I can view the Finish Ready page with Safari.


    Begin forwarded message:

    > From: Charles Wilson > Date: March 23, 2014 at 10:30:19 AM EDT > To: Woodworker’s Edge > Subject: Re: [New post] Finish Ready > > Glen, > > For some reason, your message wouldn’t display on my iPad. It displays fine on the PC. Did you do anything differently this time? > > Charles > >>

  11. Frank Vucolo

    They look great! Can’t wait to see them finished.


  12. Jim Marsh

    Inspirational. Looking forward to the finnish.

    Jim Marsh

  13. Beautiful Work! If you’re looking for a spray finish, may I recommend a product called “Tru-oil” It is a Linseed Oil Blend that is marketed as a Gun-stock finish. There is a spray version that I’ve used on some larger projects. It’s easy to bluff it to either a gloss or satin finish. It’s a favorite finish of Guitar makers. It’s easy and fool proof, I love it. And has proven durable on pistol grips and stocks that I’ve refinished.

    (I know this sounds like a commercial but Robert Dailey Woodworking and Shooting is in no way sponsored by this product)

  14. smchaumette

    Absolutely beautiful! Wow. Absolutely, stunning.

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