Egerton Tall Case Clock

Photo from C. L. Prickett Antiques

In New Brunswick, New Jersey between 1788 and 1802, Matthew Egerton built this clock case. The scroll board is pierced to allow a richer and more clear sound to waft from the clock as the bell is struck. Of the five known Egerton clocks that have a punch-work scroll board, this is thought to be the finest. And the inlaid “liberty cap on a pole” adds a bit of whimsy to the design.

The best part of any piece of furniture I build is the beginning. One of the reasons I enjoy woodworking is that about every three to five weeks another project begins. It’s a fresh start.

On Tuesday, after my return from Woodworking in America – West Coast, this Federal-period tall clock is in my sights. I can’t wait.

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3 responses to “Egerton Tall Case Clock

  1. Larry

    Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted on your progress.

  2. Glen,

    I love this clock and always wanted to make it. Please note its a false ellipse on the doors and pilasters. I think there was an article in pop wood on how to make false ellipses.


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