Almost Ready

Back at the first of 2012, I opened this blog, posted a new entry then transferred information from my older web site. At the end of the “About” page, I added that there may also be a few surprises in the near future. This mallet is one surprise. This is a first look, except by a couple close friends and business acquaintances, at my woodworking mallet – a mallet that’s coming to market shortly.

More information is soon to come.

Build Something Great!



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6 responses to “Almost Ready

  1. WOW, Glen…

    That really looks like a FANCY mallet!

    Is that brass being used on the sides of the head?

    For second there, I thought you were going to have a “I Can Do That” article on how make one! LOL

  2. megan

    Ooooo. Put me down for one!

  3. Glen, what happened to your Louisville Slugger mallet?

    • Still have that mallet, Tom. I’ve retired it due to major splintering, but keep it in my bench drawer just in case. Every one in a while I’ll take it out to use.

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