Online Extras Transferred to New Blog

On The Woodworker’s Edge website – the old site – there were a number of online extras located in the lower right-hand corner of the homepage. These extras – at least those that I find useful and not totally outdated – have been brought over to the new site and now live on a separate page under the heading of “Online Extras.” Clever, huh? While that information may  be of little importance to you at this time, it may well become more important as new articles are published in Popular Woodworking Magazine.

On most magazine projects that I build, I constantly hear from woodworkers looking for any additional information available. As it is, I take far too many photos than what could be included in the article and I understand that more photos may give you that wee bit extra that you need to knock out the project without any hesitation. Therefore, I’ll  post any and all photos of the published project under the “Online Extras” page. All you need do is search for Extras in the search box. Simple enough? And of course, you can always contact me with specific questions via email.

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